Why Airplane Modes are on Crack About Airplane Mode

You were forced to switch off your phone or tablet in an airplane mode not too long ago. This, of course, resulted in complaints when these devices became very common. After all, a smartphone is much more than a phone, so you can also use it as an e-reader to play games or use it. But yes, the channels on the smartphone (believe about the GSM portion, but also Bluetooth and Wifi) can cause interference and deviation in the aircraft’s delicate facilities. It is still somewhat doubtful whether that is actually the case.

Off and yet on

Luckily you don’t have to disable a (modern) smartphone on board entirely anymore. You owe it to the so-called mode of aircraft. All transmitting systems are turned off in this mode (to be achieved in iOS via the Settings app and the Airplane mode switch). Mobile telephony and information traffic, for instance, are no longer working, Wi-Fi is going out and Bluetooth is also out of the box. For example, the latter means that a Bluetooth wireless headset is not going to work in the plane. This can often be solved by using the (provided) cable to connect such headphones to your device. Don’t forget to bring the cable together with your headphones in your hand luggage. For example, the newer iPhones that do not have a headphone connection do not have the necessary adapter as needed. You can at least enjoy your music or a movie in the wired configuration-with sound

airplane mode

GPS-Mode for aircraft

What is also currently working in aircraft mode is the GPS receiver. That’s at least the case with the recent iOS version of the iPhone, for instance. Practical and enjoyable, because during the flight you can see precisely where you are. For this, you can even use your browsing app. Choose an app that utilizes offline maps or downloads the maps of the region you are going to fly over in your favorite navigation or GPS app, if possible.  After all, there is no internet connection in the air, so the verified Google Maps, for example, won’t operate (correctly). Do not forget to reset the quantity of your smartphone or tablet when using a navigation app. Otherwise, you will be flying over the warnings of exceeding the speed limit and other stuff. In addition, the overview map perspective appears to work best in TomTom, for instance. The app attempts to connect the place to a highway that produces a jumpy picture as quickly as the map moves to a 3D perspective.

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