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How Apple Accessibility Day 2019 Can Help You Live a Better Life

Today’s Apple homepage is all about accessibility. Apple describes once again on a distinct page what features are accessible for individuals with special needs.

Day of Apple Accessibility Day 2019

Today we are considering accessibility features for individuals globally with special needs. Therefore, Apple has temporarily redesigned the website. The text ‘ Technology is most strong when it empowers everyone’ can be seen on the English-language websites, which translates less well into Dutch. “Technology is the greatest thing that strengthens everyone,” reads the text. On 16 May, other businesses will also be paying attention to accessibility. Apple comes out with an additional explanation of all types of features that can be viewed on a particular page. That website has been around for a couple of years and is updated frequently when fresh characteristics appear. For instance, it’s about tasks with an Apple Watch for wheelchair users, switch control and live to listen, a feature you can also use to listen.

You can come up with something you can assist individuals with a disability with with with almost every Apple item. That began very soon, in 2004 with VoiceOver on the Mac. The function also finished on the iPod later and on the iPhone and iPad later. You might also see Siri as a feature of accessibility. You can still give all kinds of voice commands with your voice if you can’t read or are blind. And you can use Siri in the vehicle without looking at the screen.

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