Apple TV Delete email addresses and Apple IDs earlier used

Thanks to the Apple TV App Store, thanks to the multiple applications, you can provide TVOS with many opportunities. You can install games as well as production applications in this manner. When an app needs an account, the virtual keyboard allows you to readily log in.

However, every tvOS customer understands that it is hard to enter e-mail addresses and passwords. Fortunately, you can use your iPhone to enter text readily and rapidly, but on the Apple TV itself, you can readily enter email addresses. TvOS will remember all the email addresses you used for future reuse on Apple TV.

Email addresses previously used in Apple TV-tvOS

When you’re logged in, you’ll see an extra pop-up window with all of the email addresses you’ve already used on Apple TV. If there’s an address between you that you don’t use anymore, or you’d rather erase it, you can do that through the settings. You’d expect to be able to handle this through accounts, but that’s not the case. You can synchronize the home screen and its format from tv 11 and store it on Apple TV in iCloud

Apple TV

Delete email addresses and Apple ID earlier used

  •  Open the configuration. •
  • Go to ‘ General ‘ navigation.
  • • Choose ‘ Email addresses previously used.
  • • Click the Edit button.
  • • To delete the email, press the garbage icon.

For the App Store, the different Apple IDs are also stored. These can also be managed and deleted. Go to Custom Accounts Settings icon for iTunes Store and App Store icon Select ‘ Change ‘ icon Then delete the Apple ID by choosing the garbage icon. You can not delete a family’s Apple ID.

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