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Apple tells US physicians about the features of Apple Watch

Apple Watch physician data page

Alexander, who is investigating the inclusion of Apple Watch data into an electronic patient record, tipped the page to us. On behalf of a number of cardiologists, he asked more data from Apple and obtained the following response:

Since the start of this year, this data page for physicians has existed in an English-language variant. The Apple Watch health function page is also accessible in us from this week. There is also a longer current healthcare website, which discusses what Apple is doing in this region in general terms. There was no extensive discussion of the Apple Watch; the device is mentioned casually only once. Apple’s new website describes the ultimate tool for a healthy lifestyle is the Apple Watch. “You and your patients have significant information on their heart’s health with fresh reports and the ECG app.”

They talk to emphasize that leading physicians are totally over. “This can complement our increasing arsenal of atrial fibrillation detection instruments, a disorder that can be intermittent and non-symptomatic,” Dr. Richard Milani, medicine professor. And the American Heart Association’s dr. Ivor Benjamin thinks that devices like the Apple Watch “can play a major part in fresh models of clinical care.”

Apple Watch information page for doctors

The following features will be discussed successively:

  • Reports of heart rate with an exceptionally elevated or low heart rate, which may indicate severe disease. This provides a timely alert to the patient about circumstances that may require further inquiry.
  • Irregular rhythm reports: this is designed to test for an irregular heart rhythm from time to time. This may be an indication of atrial fibrillation of the cardiac arrhythmia. Apple stresses that this characteristic does not acknowledge all types of atrial fibrillation, but if extra testing may be required, it can warn patients in time.
  • ECG app: for symptoms such as rapid heartbeat or heartbeat skipping or an irregular rhythm report from patients. On Apple Watch Series 4, they can then use the ECG app to create an electrocardiogram and enter their symptoms. The doctor can make a better-founded choice on the grounds of this information whether the further inquiry or further care is needed.
  • Fall detection: a message appears to call emergency services when the Apple Watch Series 4 detects that the user has dropped. If after approximately one minute the customer has not replied, an emergency call will be produced automatically. Furthermore, a message is sent to the SOS contacts of the user. By default, this function is allowed for users aged 65, but you can also manually allow and disable it.
  • Medical ID: Emergency employees and physicians can also view important medical data on a locked iPhone or Apple Watch thanks to this long-standing feature. They don’t need an access code and there’s no compromise to the patient’s privacy. As a patient, you can add important information such as allergies, medication, disorders, organ donation preferences, and SOS contacts to a Medical ID in the Health app on your iPhone.

As you can see, we’ve already paid a lot of attention to a fresh iPhone about current features. The website may be interesting for physicians who are a little less on top when it comes to tech world trends and specifically Apple. They’re back on what’s feasible with the Apple Watch in a few minutes.

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