Why Apple at the Event is the Key to Hillary 2019

On Wednesday night, Apple made four major revelations. It disclosed the iPhone X’s successor (iPhone Xs), introduced an iPhone with the largest screen ever (iPhone Xs Max), announced a budget model (iPhone Xr), and then the extremely renovated Apple Watch Series 4 was introduced. And because of the lack, some goods shone…

New goods for Apple 2019

There were a couple of products during the keynote that had the opportunity to win the keynote, but were not mentioned:

1. iPad Pro 2019


It’s almost certain that Apple will come up with a radically renewed iPad Pro in 2019. For instance, we understand this thanks to projections from the credible Ming-Chi Kuo Apple analyst. Additionally, iOS 12 has several hints pointing to an iPad Pro with Face ID.

With the iPad Pro, the home button also appears to vanish. At the top of the screen would be a TrueDepth camera. So you can unlock the iPad Pro 2019 with your face instead of your finger, making Face ID possible. In addition, the iPad is supposedly as big as the present 10.5-inch iPad Pro, but there is more display because there is much less edge.

2. Cheaper MacBook of 13 inches


Concrete signs also exist that this year Apple will be presenting an inexpensive 13-inch MacBook. The fresh entry-level model should be the MacBook. Now it’s the 13-inch MacBook Air costing $ 1000

The MacBook appears like the MacBook Air, but with Retina screen and thicker edges around the 13-inch display, according to insiders. He would also be fitted with a processor from Kaby Lake.

3. AirPods 2


This year, the AirPods are likely to have a successor. The high-end AirPods have many fresh characteristics, such as noise cancelation, according to reliable Bloomberg. The magic words ‘ Hé Siri ‘ could also be used to activate Siri. You have to tap one of the ears twice as much at this time.

4. AirPower


The lecture was not received by AirPower either. The charging mat of Apple hasn’t provided a sign of life for a year with that. Whether the AirPower will ever appear and when a large question mark will appear. Especially now that Apple has removed from the website all references to AirPower.

When are the goods appearing?

We predict that with a press release, Apple will not reject the iPad Pro 2019 announcement and the inexpensive MacBook. An additional event in October may be organized by Apple. For example, the introduction of the MacBook with Touch Bar was the case in 2016. According to rumors, AirPods 2 appears only at the end of this year.

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