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You’re Losing Money by Not Using Audiobooks On iPhone and iPad

Read books without looking at your iPhone or iPad screen. Audiobooks or audio books can do that. In this tip, you can read, without being distracted or causing accidents, which applications and services you can listen to audio books on the iPhone and iPad. And did you understand that at the elevated velocity you can often play them?

iPhone and iPad audio books

You can quickly get bored if you get on a bike regularly or go for a run. What if you could usefully spend this time reading a book? Does it not distract or cause accidents? It’s feasible to listen to your iPhone and iPad in distinct respects thanks to audio books or audiobooks. For instance, through your AirPods!

  • What is a book of audiences?.
  • Search for audiobooks.
  • Bol / Kobo audio books. ListenBieb.
  • Books from Apple (iBooks).
  • Audible.com.
  • Bookmobile.
  • iTunes audio books.
  • The Apple Watch audio books.

What’s an audiobook or sound book?

An audiobook or audiobook is merely a read-aloud book. You can’ read’ a full book with audiobooks while working on something else, like washing meals or sitting on the train half-asleep. Audiobooks in English are abundant, but you see more and more Dutch audiobooks as well. Another way to read a book is also to use the text-to-speech function in iOS. This can be used to read complete iPhone books. It operates in different applications, including the Book app from Apple, GoodReader, Marvin, and more. This sounds a little less lovely because there’s a computer voice you’re dealing with. There is a human voice actor with ordinary audiobooks, who recorded the whole book with a pleasant voice reading and listens so pleasantly. In the summary below, we discuss these kinds of audiobooks.

Search for audiobooks

There are a number of sources where you can find audiobooks, for instance in the Book Store of Apple, but also in the well-known Audible.com supplier. You can even buy audiobooks on CD in the government library. Audio books can also be found on CD in the shop, which you can convert to iTunes audio files for iPhone listening. Yet if you already have the documents in digital format, it’s much easier because at any moment you can listen.

It also determines how you can play them where you purchase your audiobooks. You will not suffer from DRM and other types of viewing limitations if you own audiobook CDs with digital documents. You can play these files in any appropriate app just like standard mp3s. Apple and Audible.com audiobooks have DRMs that force you to use some applications. The Audiobooks HQ app contains many free classics (also in Dutch). It contains more than 300,000 audiobooks, of which 12,500 are free.

Listen, suppliers of books

These suppliers have audiobooks from the United States:

  • Storytel (fixed monthly amount, free choice.
  • Bol.com Kobo (fixed monthly amount, free choice.
  • Luisterboeken.nl (Dutch supplier, paid and free).
  • Listening Library (via public library.
  • Book choice (fixed monthly quantity, 8 book selection).

Bol / Kobo audiobooks

You can become a subscriber for an audiobook service at Bol.com and Kobo. You get access to tens of thousands of audiobooks for 10 euros per month, while you can use audiobooks and ebooks unlimitedly for a few euros. This is called reading & listening by Kobo Plus. You can find the audiobooks in Bol.com’s Kobo app and there are accessible both Dutch and global titles. You can switch on a monthly basis between reading books, audio books and both.

Hear the public library library

To borrow audiobooks, you can just go to the public library, although you will need to be a member of your local library. A number of audiobooks are already included as standard and anyone who is a library member has access to many more titles, from thrill to literature and from radio plays to presentations. There are also many children’s audiobooks in different age groups, including a special offer for high school learners who need to read/listen to their list.

For 3 weeks, premium audiobooks can be borrowed and expanded. You can borrow up to 10 premium books as a member of the library. The app provides search and filter functionality, can quickly move forward and rewind, play quicker and slower, and scroll through chapters. There’s also a time for sleep and bookmarks can be placed.

Audiobooks in the iBooks app

If you’ve booked yourself in an audio format like MP3, you can play them in the Music app on your iPhone or iPad just like a normal music track. Importing them into iTunes is best, and then putting them on your iPhone. You can read below how that works.

You can listen to the audiobooks you bought in the Books app from the Apple Book Store. That’s a logical location because of the variety of digital books and audiobooks is about the same. If you buy Apple audiobooks, they will appear in the Books app, where you can play them as usual. Tap the category at the top of the screen and go to Audiobooks if you don’t see the books in your collection.

Audiobooks on iPhone and iPad

You can choose Hit Lists at the bottom of the screen to see which novels are the most popular if you have taped Audiobooks. To select a particular category, for instance, biographies, you can also tap Categories at the top left. You can listen to all the books in a preview.

You can change the pace, jump 15 seconds or set a sleep timer if you have bought a book and are playing in the Books app. You can also use chapters in books: press the top-right chapter button and you’ll get a list so you can rapidly jump through a book. These track 1, track 2 and so on are numbered.

There are a number of disadvantages to listening to books from the Book Store, particularly if you use various Apple IDs for your online purchases. The correct library between your devices is always hard to synchronize and the DRM makes the purchase less appealing. Audible also utilizes DRM, but it makes listening to books much easier.

Audio libraries at Audible

Audible.com is the biggest audiobook supplier in the world. With all the books you bought with this service, you can use it to view your Audible collection. Chapters can also be selected. If you are a client of this reservation service that, by the manner, provides primarily English-language titles, then this is the app you need. You can use iTunes or the Audible cloud service itself to synchronize, the latter offering the most options. Audible has quite a wide variety, but copy protection (DRM) makes it a little harder to use; you need to enable your iPhone to listen to the audiobooks.

Bookmobile audiobooks

A bookmobile is an option to the audiobook applications listed above. You pay the app a one-time premium and then you can play your own DRM audiobooks or audiobooks that you bought via Audible or Apple. Because you have more control over video playback, Bookmobile is a versatile app. For instance, with seconds or minutes, you can jump forward. There is also an easy driver interface for minimally distracting use of the app. Bookmobile plays your iTunes synchronized books. You can also use iTunes File Sharing or use Dropbox and other cloud facilities to add books. Bookmobile can play podcasts as well.

iTunes audiobooks

On the internet you can find the largest selection of audiobooks; they are almost always in English and almost always in mp3 format. You must make sure that the file is converted to an audiobook after importing into iTunes. This is done by choosing the file and choosing the option Audiobook via Info > Options > Media type

This guarantees that there are no audiobooks between the tracks of music. You avoid an audiobook between them when shuffling music tracks. You also have the choice to play them with audiobooks at an accelerated or delayed speed and not with ordinary music tracks. Giving the files a good name is the most convenient way to play them on your iPhone in the correct order. Putting the documents per book in an intelligent playlist is also intelligent.

Audiobooks on iPhone and iPad

The Apple Watch’s audio books

If you want to listen to Apple Watch audiobooks, you can. But for this, you’ll need to build a playlist. This can be done by the book, chapter or at the same moment for several books. Turn it into a smart playlist or a regular iTunes playlist. We have combined a few chapters into one playlist in the above example to prevent the list from becoming too long.

You will then placed the documents on your Watch:

  1. Open the iPhone’s Watch app.
  2. Go to the Music tab of My Watch.
  3. Tap Music Add … And select a playlist.
  4. You can play the music locally after updating your Apple Watch.

Knew you’re going to discover audio books in Spotify as well? Read our tip on less recognized Spotify applications. You can do more than you believe with Spotify! However, the supply is comparatively restricted.

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