TomTom works on CarPlay assistance, Waze begins with the beta

Good news for holders of CarPlay: TomTom has announced it is working on assistance for CarPlay, while Waze has begun the beta for testers including CarPlay.
You can also use internal navigation apps to navigate CarPlay starting with iOS 12. We understand that Flitsmeister is coming to CarPlay and that Waze and Google Maps are busy as well. Waze’s release is likely to appear in a couple of weeks. Meanwhile, through the forum, TomTom has announced that they are working on CarPlay assistance.

TomTom works with CarPlay

Ricardo, a new iPhone reader, pointed us to TomTom’s English forum. TomTom’s possible return to CarPlay has been discussed for a long time. TomTom had never replied substantially until this week, but let a moderator know they are working on making TomTom CarPlay accessible early next year. Nothing is known about precise tasks and so on, but at least there is now a confirmation that it is being operated on. Because the feature will not be accessible until early next year at the earliest, you still need to be patient.

Waze begins a CarPlay beta


Waze’s CarPlay version is highly anticipated shortly. Waze has started testing the version of CarPlay in the beta program among its customers. Twitter lets Waze know at the same time that they will be able to provide more data about releasing CarPlay in the coming weeks. Unfortunately, screenshots are not yet available, except for the picture shown during the 2018 WWDC.

We can’t tell with certainty yet whether the defensive version looks like this. In any case, the CarPlay navigation apps will look like the Apple Maps version to match the operation of the various apps. Therefore, the distinction must be primarily in map quality, navigation, and additional features. For example, Sygic works on CarPlay’s offline navigation so you don’t need an internet connection anymore.

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