3 Facts on your iPhone Clean Up Data Everyone thinks it’s true

Summer is coming, so on vacation, we’re going to produce more photos and movies. And then there’s nothing so annoying on your phone as the message’s almost full storage space! Cleaning your iPhone doesn’t have to be difficult.

Step 1: How much space am I still in?

Would you like to know how much space you have? Then open Settings and tap General / iPhone Storage. Your phone now calculates how much space is still available and how pictures, applications, emails, messages, and so on are divided into the storage used. You can read that easily on the basis of the color bar. You’ll see the large chronologically ordered sloops if you scroll down. You can also see the last time you use the app.

Step 2: Clean your iPhone apps automatically

Apple offers you some tips for optimizing the storage space of your device under Recommendations. The Spacious Apps function is highly useful: it allows you to delete unused apps automatically when there is almost no space left to store them. Maintaining your documents and data is the biggest advantage. Simply tap Enable this to use the feature. A green checkmark appears. To deactivate the characteristics, go to Settings / iTunes Store and App Store / Clean your iPhone apps.

Clean up your iPhone

Step 3: Clean or remove

Naturally, you can also manually remove apps. This runs one by one through the start screen, but it goes much smoother through Settings / General / iPhone storage. At the bottom of your app list, you can see how much space each app uses. If you tap it, you’ll get more extensive information. The storage space is split into Size App, Documents and Data. With the Ruim op button, you can remove the app, but it will save files and information, which is helpful if you plan to reinstall the app later. The Delete app allows you to delete the app and all related data.

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