Why Holden Caulfield Thinks Facebook Messenger is iPhone

You don’t have to tap Facebook for privacy, but for a while, the Facebook Messenger offered the chance of encrypted communication. It enables every bit. It’s good to be careful because the trick isn’t automatically working!

Facebook and privacy are not friends that are too nice. Under pressure from the public, some alternatives that boost privacy are slowly introduced. For instance, in the Facebook Messenger app belonging to Facebook Messenger, you can chat encrypted. The problem here is you can’t put a switch in your environments, so all of your message traffic will be encrypted from now on. No, per individual and discussion must be performed. Annoying and susceptible to forgetting, of course. A golden tip in advance: don’t share data that is sensitive to privacy via the Facebook Messenger in principle. The app is not intended for that, just as it is not intended for social media in particular. Want to be able to chat with someone privately, use an app like Whatsapp or-much better-Signal?  That said, with a bit of safety, you can secure your chats in Facebook Messenger.

The Facebook Messenger Secret

Tap the button for a fresh Facebook Messenger chat in the iOS app (which we are using in this instance) to set up an encrypted chat. That’s like a square with a pin in the top correct panel. Now you’ll see a list on the left with your contacts. Now tap the somewhat clumsy Secret at the top right of the board for the first time. Now you’ll see again a list of contacts. This moment it was filtered on anyone who installed the Messenger app’s compatible (read: latest) version. Tap such a’ compatible’ contact and you can now encrypt it safely. For Facebook Messenger, readers would no longer be there, although with 100 percent certainty you can never say that.

What at least Facebook Messenger can see is with whom and for how long you have contact. Sometimes this can provide more than enough data to detect interesting patterns. Something to remember. It will never be truly secure for Facebook and associated services. It is simply not meant for this in essence and the whole principle is based on-preferably with as many virtual friends as possible in public and other ways -Information portions. So it stays cautious. And always check if you’re engaged in a ‘ Secret discussion ‘ shown above the present chat by the Secret text discussion. And remember that you have to take the initiative over and over again for every encrypted discussion.

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