An Expert Interview About Free Alternatives Microsoft Office Suite

Why pay on Free Alternatives Microsoft Office for a paid-for costly permit, while it can also be used for free? Google, LibreOffice, and even Microsoft are offering free office programs. Those packages are okay for the vast majority of customers. In this paper, we’re going to go deeper into Office’s (online) free alternatives opportunities.

Office 365 family membership costs EUR 10 per month or EUR 99 per year. This recurring edition may be redundant as there are quite a few Free Alternatives Microsoft Office programs in circulation. Most individuals use Office programs ‘ fundamental tasks only to produce texts, tablets, and presentations. Free apps such as Microsoft Office Online Free Alternatives and Google Docs do not involve particular software because they are used directly in the browser. Convenient, because on separate systems you have access to your files. You can call LibreOffice if you ever operate in locations without an online connection. This software is free as well.

01 Microsoft Office Online Free Alternatives

Microsoft is offering a free office package under the name Office Online. It affects Word, Excel and PowerPoint apps. Even though they are stripped-down versions, frequently used tasks can be readily performed. Surf a laptop or laptop at and click Login. After logging in with a Microsoft Office Free Alternatives account, the internet applications are prepared for you. In order to access the files on any computer, laptop, tablet, and smartphone, Office Online automatically saves your documents in the cloud. Those familiar with regular MS Office programs don’t need a lot of time to get used to internet applications. The user environment is very comparable, with the identifiable Ribbon above the field of job, of course. Incidentally, sadly, the internet version has fewer design choices, but these features will not be missed so rapidly by average consumers.

Free Alternatives Microsoft Office

Open internet Office applications for Free Alternatives Microsoft Office by logging in at

02 Format documents

Word processing in Word Online is outstanding because it is within reach of all the frequently used editing features. This makes words italic (also merely through the main combination Ctrl + I) and gives color to the letters. In addition, you’re adding bullets and numbers and letting your text appear. Remember that there are fewer fonts in the internet version, although more than forty still exist. To offer the text a logical framework, you have access to styles and there is a comprehensive search feature. You can upload pictures from the hard disk via the Insert tab if you want, but you can also upload pictures via the OneDrive cloud setting and the Bing search engine. Go to Online Pictures / Bing Pictures for the latter choice and enter a keyword. Found pictures are transmitted to the document directly. Anyone who fears language errors will be subject to a clearance check for the text. Unfortunately, in Free Alternatives Microsoft Office Online, you can’t discover features to add internet videos and creative WordArt letters.

The internet versions of Excel and PowerPoint are also available in relation to the internet version of Word. There is no issue at all in creating sophisticated formulas and appealing presentations. For example, there is a well-known AutoSom function in the spreadsheet program. Unfortunately, it is not possible to add all types of units readily to the Formulas tab.

Free Alternatives Microsoft Office

upload file

If desired, local office files may be edited in the cloud. For instance, if you got a document by e-mail, this is helpful. Open Word, Excel or PowerPoint via and upload a document, upload a briefcase or upload a lecture to the right, respectively. Choose the hard drive file. Then in the internet edit window, a copy of the initial document opens.

03 Collaborate

You can share documents from Microsoft Office Online Free Alternatives, after which several participants can even adjust the content simultaneously, without the risk of multiple versions of a single document. Click Share at the top right of a text document, spreadsheet, or presentation. Then type one or more required participant (s) e-mail addresses. At your discretion, add a short note. Do you prefer not to edit the document by the individual? Then press Edit Recipients and select the option that only Recipients can show. You can subsequently modify the rights. Confirm Sharing.

You can share documents from Microsoft Office Online Free Alternatives after which, without the risk of multiple versions of a single document, several participants can even adjust the content simultaneously. Click Share a text file, spreadsheet, or presentation in the top correct corner. Then type one or more email addresses needed for the participant(s). Include a short note at your discretion. Do you prefer not to edit the individual’s file? Then click Edit Recipients and choose the option that only Recipients can display. You can then change your rights. Confirm the sharing process.

Free Alternatives Microsoft Office

04 Version history

In Office Online, you can operate readily with various individuals on papers, but this is also a pitfall. Suppose someone during your lack totally messes up a text or presentation? Do not worry, because luckily there is no need for manual correction. Log in and open the Documents folder with your Microsoft account. Then right-click on the document in question, after which you open the section on Version History in the context menu. In the right column, you see previous versions. To restore the situation, take a nice look at the moment and date. To save the correct version, use the Reset and/or Save options. So you’ve been going back in time for years! Office Online stores previous versions of the document

Free Mobile Office?

You can not open online office apps in a browser on mobile devices with a tiny touchscreen. Fortunately, iOS and Android apps have been created by the American software company. You will also discover Word, Excel and PowerPoint apps in the App Store and Play Store. Keep in mind that your smartphone’s storage room is being attacked substantially, with a size of hundreds of MB per app.

Logging in with a Free Alternatives Microsoft Office account after the setup. Open in editing mode a document and modify the material to your own ideas. The mobile Office apps ‘ navigation structure is definitely becoming used to on tiny screens. In addition, the functionality is somewhat restricted without the paid Office 365 subscription. You can’t add headers and footers in Word, for instance, or alter the orientation. Everyone is free to access the best-known design features!

05 Google Drive

Free Alternatives Microsoft Office

In addition to Microsoft, there is another major online office application supplier, namely Google. In order to do this, you need a Google account (Gmail address). Surf through a desktop browser to and use your account information to log in to Google Drive. If you’ve saved files in Google Drive before, you’ll discover them here. You can generate a fresh document with ease. To select between Google Docs, Google Sheets, and Google Slides, click New at the top left. The Blank document displays a blank field. Alternatively, you choose Template-based, so you don’t need to construct your own document. Useful for preparing a curriculum vitae, cover letter, the travel planner or budget. Google’s online office package can compete with Office Online as far as functionality is concerned. Hundreds of fonts and formulas for the calculation can be selected. Unlike a couple of years ago, Google supports all popular Microsoft file formats. MS Office format files are stored online as well as locally. So, if needed, you use both internet packages next to each other, although there is still a possibility of mistakes, particularly in papers with a lot of formatting.

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