Google runs with – Nest functions continue to function temporarily after 17 May

In the latest days, there has been a lot of criticism that Google will stop using a lot of Nest features. Now they’re responding to the critique. The present connections will remain until they are included in the Google Assistant Works Program.

The plan is ultimately to move all tasks of Works with Nest to the fresh Works program with Google Assistant. That needs to be arranged more centrally and privacy needs to be arranged better than is the case at the moment. Cooperation with tiny and unknown accessories may not operate anymore, by the way. Google is only planning to work with chosen partners. Ultimately, the decision is likely to be less. Nevertheless, Google now provides more insight into the plans is encouraging. The business makes it clear under the title “We hear you” that it intends to take the criticism into consideration.

Nest ties are still working for a while

Google originally announced that the Works with Nest program would stop on August 31, 2019, and that from that time on all current connections would no longer operate. Nest consumers had to transform their current account to a Google account and move to the Google Assistant to set up and run their smart home from now on.

But… The deadline of 17 May is not that rigorous. Google Nest’s smart home ecosystem director, Michele Turner, now claims in a blog post that the current work with Nest links will continue to operate. Even after 31 August, until the new Works with Google Assistant program includes them. New Works with Nest integrations are no longer permitted after August 31. The Nest links will no longer operate as quickly as you transfer your account from Nest to Google. You can, therefore, wait a while as a current customer.

Google Nest features

IFTTT No more

In addition, Google operates with Amazon to guarantee that Amazon Alexa also operates on the Nest ability. This involves the capacity to regulate your Nest thermostat and watch your Nest Cam’s live stream. In a blog posting, IFTTT is a striking absentee. That probably won’t operate anymore. However, in the future, depending on whether you are at home or away from home, you will be able to activate routines via Google Assistant.

Companies now using Works with Nest and facing Google Assistant’s constraints can pass a unique check. Stricter arrangements are made for which devices have access to the Nest devices ‘ information and hardware.

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