What Experts Are Saying About What is Your Ideal Monitor

Buying an optimal monitor has not become simpler, as more and more choices are available. The benefit of this is that the screen that fits you can be purchased precisely. But what’s that? We’re helping you find the perfect monitor and telling you which characteristics are essential.

Your objective is to start searching for a fresh screen: do you need a screen for office use, photo editing, media consumption or gaming? Screens are accessible in distinct categories and, in relation to format, the resolution is a significant differentiator. When selecting your fresh screen, we check the most significant categories and tell you what to look for.

ideal monitor

Full HD: the ideal foundation

While Full HD has long been the standard for screens, the entry category now includes screens with a resolution of 1920x 1080 pixels. This has a very significant benefit because you already have a 23inch screen like the 243V5LHAB/00 Philips V-line for 119 euros. Would you like to edit a picture occasionally? You don’t have to invest so much more than. This way you’ll pay for the HP 24FW149 euros and then you’ll get a 24-inch screen with an IPS-panel (in-plane switching) that displays natural colors and a nice viewing angle. Full HD comes on a screen that isn’t too large on its right, so a 23 or 24-inch screen is a Good match in conjunction with Full HD. You can still go one step bigger if you still like a bigger picture or if you have an additional big desk. That doesn’t have to cost the world either, the HP 27FW with a volume of 27 inches that you’ve got in-house for 199 euros. You don’t just get a large screen for that cash,

Quad HD: more space for work

For example, Full HD has limitations if you often work side by side with two windows, then a more pleasant resolution. Do you suffer from this, then it is exciting to have a resolution of 2560x 1440 pixels or QHD eg. Usually, a width of 2560 pixels is sufficient to simultaneously use two programs like a word processor and a browser. Especially if you combine this with a slightly bigger size like the HP Pavilion 27Q’s 27 inches, you get an excellent screen for office work. It might be even larger, For example, the Philips 34864DDX/33 is up to 31.5 inches in size. Ava-panel (vertical alignment) offers a nice viewing angle and a deep black value while a curve makes sure that despite the big size you can see everything.

ideal monitor

4 K UHD: sharp picture of the razor

Even though there are lower 4 K screens, the elevated resolution is best suited for a slightly bigger screen than you might be used to. 4 K is still razor sharp at 27 or 28 inches, while the picture is not too tiny, something bigger 4 K displays can bother. Samsung doesn’t expect the 34499SS to cost such a big 4 K screen a lot. You’ve got a very sharp screen on your desk for 319 euros. Samsung utilizes a TN panel to make this competitive price possible. The quality, however, is much better than the ten panels used in cheap displays. Both color reproduction and viewing angles are compelling, and even photo editing is feasible if your kidney desperately needs absolute color resistance. And you can also play on it thanks to FreeSync.

ideal monitor

There are enough 4 K screens with an ips panel if you do a lot of photo editing. A 27-inch monitor like the LG 27UK850 is nearly as big as the aforementioned Samsung and features a high-quality ips panel providing great viewing angles and colors. It’s also a modern screen, thanks to USB-c support, that you can connect with one cable to an appropriate laptop. This LG is perfect for games or films as well. HDR offers realistic colors while FreeSync ensures that pictures are smooth during gaming.

UltraWide: two in one screen

An UltraWide screen has a 21:9 aspect ratio where the aspect ratio of a standard monitor is generally 16:9. You can effectively say you purchase two screens in one with an ultra-wide screen. Therefore, these displays are ideal for multitaskers who concurrently use various programs. Different resolutions are used, as with other aspect ratios. The lowest resolution is a resolution of 2560x 1080 pixels and can be described as an extra wide Full HD (WFHD) screen. This makes it simple to work side by side with two windows or programs while there are restricted costs. The LG 34WK500-P is such a screen as a fine instance.

An extra sharp image won’t surprise you. For this you have to go one step higher to a resolution of 3440×1440 pixels or UWQHD, for instance, the 34-inch curved Samsung ISA645696. There’s more room on this monitor than on two Full HD monitors together, where VA technology offers a nice image. Therefore, you can rightly call two displays in one of UWQHD. But it can always be more spectacular, as you have at least 3840 x 1600 pixels on your monitor with QHD+. This is nearly 4 K in terms of sharpness and you can think a screen like the LG 38WK95C-Was an additional large 4 K screen. In any event, the LG 38WK95C-W is an impressive sight, because you have something on your desk with a 38-inch curved screen with HDR assistance.

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Such higher-resolution UltraWide curved displays are presently one of the most innovative product categories. For instance, both the Samsung LC34654dsf and the LG 38WK95C-W are fitted with a USB-C socket for connecting a contemporary laptop with a single cable for picture, sound, peripherals, and charging.

UltraWide Gaming

Also for gamers, UltraWide displays are an exciting option. The additional width guarantees you’re sucked into the game literally. For instance, racing games come into their own on an additional widescreen or games like Shadow or The Tomb Raider where you discover amazing environments. The two LG displays, for instance, support a refresh rate of 75 Hz while the Samsung LC34Jfgf791WTUXEN even reaches 100 Hz. The elevated resolutions provided by UltraWide screens require a lot from the graphics card, especially in the more detailed games. Luckily, more and more UltraWide displays are supporting a variable refresh rate, adjusting the refresh rate to the number of pictures the graphics card can supply. There’s something to look for.

Gaming: quick pictures of lightning

Choosing a gaming screen is a unique area. There is only one thing to do with gaming where other uses are generally colorfastness: speed. For instance, you can see this in the picture techniques used. Because while tn technology has become less exciting with the increase of VA and ips for the average consumer, tn still has a very significant benefit. Because Tn is the fastest picture method and in the fastest game screens you often see it back. A large advantage for fanatic (competitive) gamers that is too many for every ms.

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Now bring the 27 Z4D33AA HP Omen. This gaming monitor utilizes a tn panel to support a frame rate of 165 Hz maximum. This implies that this lightning-fast screen can display 165 frames per second, enough for even Counter-Strike’s most competitive game: Global Offensive. For each gamer, such a top screen is not accessible at a cost of 699 euros. Fortunately, for a lot less cash, you can also play excellent matches, for instance with the Acer Nitro VG270BMIIX you have for 199 euros already. Using an IPS panel, this gamin screen supports an additional elevated refresh rate of 75 Hertz.

ideal monitor

Of course, this implies that rendering 165 pictures per second, for instance, remains a heavy job in the greatest detail even for the most strong graphics cards in contemporary games. This usually causes tearing or stuttering, but the better gaming screens don’t bother you. We discussed this earlier. Both NVIDIA and AMD give G-SYNC and FreeSync technology which automatically adjusts the display refresh rate to the maximum amount of pictures that can be calculated by the graphics card. So you’re never going to suffer from tearing or stuttering again and have soft pictures at all times. It’s essential to purchase a screen that supports the same technology as your graphics card for a variable refresh rate. Have you got an NVIDIA card, finds HP Omen 27 Z4Dgfd33AA. Gamers with an AMD graphics card opt for FreeSync, such as the Acer Nitro VG270BMIIX mentioned above.

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