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T-Mobile iPhone Xs and Xs Max from today’s pre-order

You can go to T-Mobile to buy an iPhone Xs and Xs Max from today. In the first instance, you can buy the new iPhone from T-Mobile only in combination with a subscription.

The iPhone Xs and Xs Max will be on sale on May 16. Of course, the issue when ordering a fresh iPhone is: how long must I wait for my fresh iPhone? You can discover the most up-to-date data about delivery times through the delivery forum T-Mobile.

What’s the distinction between Xs and Max’s iPhone?

The distinction between the iPhone Xs and the iPhone Xs and Xs Max is less than the distinction between an iPhone 8 and an iPhone 8 Plus, for instance. Max Max’s iPhone Xs and Xs vary only in three respects: screen, battery life, and size.

The iPhone Xs is equipped with a 5.8-inch Super Retina HD OLED display, and the iPhone Xs Max has the same display as the 6.5-inch display.

iPhone Xs and Xs Max

The second point that differentiates between the iPhone Xs and Xs Max is battery life. The iPhone Xs is 30 minutes longer than the iPhone X, with the iPhone Xs Max being one hour and a half. Because the size of the screen is distinct, the sizes are distinct, of course. The broad and 143.6 mm long iPhone Xs is 90.9 mm broad. The iPhone Xs Max is 157.7 mm long and 77.4 mm wide, the thickness of both iPhones is 7.7 mm.

All other features and hardware are present on both devices (sensors, dual-lens camera, etc.).

In this document, we clarify the distinctions between the iPhone Xs, iPhone Xs Max, and iPhone XR that should be checked by you.

Does Dual-sim support T-Mobile?

Dual-sim Dual Standby (DSDS) is supported by the latest iPhone Xr. This enables you to place one physical SIM card on the iPhone and add another number to the Apple I am virtual. Practical if you have a company and a private number.

In fact, Tim is a digital SIM card and transfers information from the SIM card onto a computer chip. The time is anticipated to totally replace the long-term single SIM cards. T-Mobile is not yet supporting him, but its growth is busy.

The best mobile network tested

There is also a super quick iPhone Xs network. Recent research shows that in the United States, T-Mobile has the best-tested network. T-Mobile USA obtained the largest rating ever measured globally this year with a score of 977 out of 1000 possible points.

The scientists evaluated dialing and information utilization in three distinct test fields during the course of the studies: towns, villages, and highways. In terms of calls and 96 percent of average information, T-Mobile’s network scored no less than 98 percent on average. “An outstanding score,” the study says.

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