iphone12 pro max vs Samsung s21 2021 | iPhone vs Samsung 2021

iphone12 pro max vs Samsung s21 2021 | iPhone vs Samsung 2021

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iphone12 pro max vs Samsung s21

iphone12 pro max vs Samsung s21 2021

let’s start to know the iphone12 pro max vs Samsung s21 2021. There are thousands of types of phones in the current market that have no account. But now Samsung and iPhone are the most popular among the companies that are trembling in the international market. And it is time for the full in-depth hands-on comparison of the Samsung Galaxy S 21 Ultra vs iPhone 12 pro max. we have got the best from Samsung and the best from Apple.

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Now I want to kick things off by looking at the design. Both of these look really, really good. But the S21 Ultra, I would say looks unique. There is really not much else out there like this. And if we compare this to the S 21 Ultra last year, there is a big difference. The iPhone 12 pro max, we do have those flat edges which I think really fantastic.


iphone12 pro max vs Samsung s21 performance and configuration

Now moving onto the build materials both of them are premium. We have got glass backs. We have got an aluminum frame on the S 21 Ultra on the iPhone 12 Pro Max. Both the frames do have a glossy finish, but I can notice more fingerprints on the iPhone 12 Pro Max compared to the S21 Ultra. And this is something that I keep finding myself having to wipe down. If you want to avoid that you can get skin. And the MKBHD icon skin is now back. So you can pick some up for your iPhone 12 Pro Max or your Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra.

iphone12 pro max vs Samsung s21

iphone12 pro max vs Samsung s21

Both devices have IP68 water and dust resistance. But the iPhone 12 Pro Max can be submerged in water up to 6 meters compared to 1.5 meters of the S21 Ultra. Now let’s move over onto the front. And I think it’s a very easy win for the S21 Ultra, it has a larger 6.8-inch display but we have got a minimal bezel smaller than that of the iPhone 12 Pro Max.

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We have got Gorilla Glass on the S21 Ultra and a ceramic shield on the iPhone 12 Pro Max. Neither of them is going to be any more scratch resistant but from the drop test that we’ve seen the iPhone 12, Pro Max does seem to be more durable for drops. The S21 Ultra has an in-display fingerprint scanner which works really well. And it is the first device with. Qualcomm’s second Gen 3D Sonic Sensor has a larger sensor area compared to the previous generation, and it’s also faster.

Let’s move on to the camera part; super style camera comparison between these two. For the front-facing cameras, the S21 Ultra does have a high resolution but generally, you will be shooting at around 10 megapixels anyway to get the best out of the sensor. And you have a better dynamic range for images as well as overall better colors which is quite surprising because traditionally Samsung devices. But the iPhone 12 Pro Max does give you sharper results overall, it does give you a little bit better edge detection when it comes to portraits. Moving onto the rear-facing cameras, we have got lots of cameras here to work with.

iphone12 pro max vs Samsung s21

iphone12 pro max vs Samsung s21

We have got ultra-wide, primary, as well as telephoto. It has some excellent zoom. The S21 Ultra just uses the primary camera and crops in which is not the best solution because it does give you soft results. For the primary camera, honestly speaking, it is neck and neck. They both take great shots in low light, and for the ultra-wide cameras, I do prefer iPhone 12 Pro Max. The iPhone 12 Pro Max prefers without so much obvious processing, but the S21 Ultra does give you better low light results with the old white camera.

iPhone or Samsung which one is best?

Although both of these take great quality video and my overall choice is still the iPhone 12 Pro Max. It gives you more consistent results overall, and it also has HDR with Dolby Vision, which gives you a much better dynamic range. Now the S21 Ultra does have the ability to shoot 8k videos. The iPhone 12 Pro max has an Apple’s A14 Bionic processor; the S21 Ultra, it’s a little bit more complicated, depending on your region, you will have the Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 or Samsung Exynos 2100.

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Now, It comes down to personal preference. I used the bot and liked both for different reasons. I think it’s come to the point where both operating systems do offer a lot and it really just comes down to what you like.
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