Ways Your Mother Lied to You About MacOS Mojave

Do you have a chaotic desktop? You can readily sort all documents, screenshots, and other files into convenient stacks with Stacks in macOS Mojave. That’s how it’s working.

Stacks in Mojave macOS

You can automatically clean your desktop with Stacks (in English: Stacks). You decide to make a stack depending on the format, date or tags of the file. The Mojave 10.14 macOS feature is accessible.

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Making piles for macOS

That’s how you go about it:

  1. Click on View > Use stacks to go to your Desktop.
  2. The documents are now put on stacks automatically depending on the normal file type. So, in distinct stacks, all pictures, music, movies, screen pictures, and PDFs come.

macOS Mojave

Customize stacks in macOS

You can create the stacks based on the date or tags if you prefer. This can be done in two ways:

  1. Go to View > Group stacks on the menu by …
  2. Or right-click the desktop to select Group stacks by …

You can choose between the type, date of opening, date of addition, date of editing, date of creation or tags. You can organize files with tags in macOS without the need for everyone to be in the same folder. If you sort by type, one stack will be put with the most popular file kinds. Other kinds of records are put in the Other Pile, such as zip files and disk files.

macOS Mojave

Use macOS stacks

If you want to use a stack’s contents, just press it. The stack will then unfold so that files will again fill your entire desktop. Now, in a normal manner, you can open a file or drag it to another place, like a directory. The stack will crash again if you click on the stack again.

If you add a fresh file to the computer, it will be added to the appropriate stack automatically. Folders will stay separately on your desktop so you won’t receive various folders stack.

You can conduct activities like opening, sharing, creating a fresh folder, copying, and so on by right-clicking on a pile. Mojave also offers a range of “Quick Tasks” Quick Actions in the USA. For example, you can choose to rotate all of them to the left with a stack of screenshots or convert all of them to a PDF at the same time.

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