How Apple Watch Series 4 Can Get You Your Heart’s Desire

On September 9, 2014, the Apple Watch Series 4 was presented to the public, the final sale only began in mid-2015. The Apple Watch has hardly altered since then, but it has changed now.

For the first time, the Apple Watch series 4 has been provided a fresh look, so it has an almost borderless 32 to 35 percent bigger screen. In addition, the 4 G feature is accessible in several nations and this Watch introduces some innovations in the field of health as well.

Larger screen, new size, buttons

The Apple Watch’s size has increased slightly, so the 38 mm model is now 40 mm high and the 42 mm model is now 44 mm in size. Moreover, the housing on the shovel, the Watch is slightly thinner and the edges have become significantly narrower to fit a bigger Retina OLED screen.

A conversion has also been provided to the Digital Crown and side button, these are now virtual buttons that provide haptic feedback using the Taptic Engine. That means you can’t really press the buttons anymore, but it’s being simulated. For additional technology, this gives Apple more space in the homes, so the speaker is enlarged and the volume is 40% louder.

4 G Unfortunately not in the United States and the United States

Apple Watch Series 4 also includes an inner Apple eSIM that can be connected to your own phone number and subscription. You can then use your Watch on the mobile network for a fixed amount per month without your iPhone’s intervention. Series 3 was available in a variant of 4 G rather than 4 G, this is also the case in the Apple Watch Series 4. That implies you have the option between a GPS-only Apple Watch Series 4 and a GPS and Cellular Apple Watch.

Apple Watch Series 4


If you purchase an Apple Watch Series 4 with mobile phones overseas, you must bear in mind that it supports the same frequency as your home nation.

Thanks to the renovated interior, super quickly

Also, a bigger screen needs a decent battery, it still has 18 hours of ordinary battery life. Furthermore, Watch 4 has a dual-core 64-bit S4 processor 2 times quicker that decreases the velocity distinction between the iPhone and Watch. Finally, the new Watch supports Bluetooth 5.0, which will make sure the Watch is better connected to the iPhone, resulting in quicker information transfer.

Old Watch straps can still be used

Whether the present Apple Watch belts could be used in conjunction with the new generation Watch was long unsure, but fortunately, this is the case. Even if the size has changed, the straps can still be used. The most striking is the Milanese loop, now accessible in gold as well. The steel connection was separated from the assortment.

It sounds insane, but wearing the Apple Watch Series 4 upside down is really smarter. This enables better monitoring and less activation of your Siri

Additional features for health

The Watch was described primarily as a mini iPhone with applications at the start, but now the focus is more on health. For the Apple Watch Series 4, Apple has renewed the heart rate sensor (pulse oximeter) and in combination with the Digital, Crown can also make a heart movie (electrocardiogram).  Unfortunately, this function is accessible only in the United States and will be accessible as quickly as possible in other nations. This has to do with agencies ‘ approvals.

Apple Watch Series 4

The smartwatch also warns if your heart rate is too small or if a heart rhythm disturbance is detected. Finally, thanks to the fresh gyroscope, the Apple Watch series 4 can acknowledge whether you are falling. If desired, within a few seconds, he can call the emergency services.

Differences between Series 3 and 4 of Apple Watch

The Apple Watch 3 Sport series with or without 4 G is available in a limited number of colors with a starting price of € 299 (without 4 G) and $ 400 (with 4 G). Of course, because of the fresh cabinet size and a bigger screen, the distinctions are big. Here you can see all the differences.

Series 4 of Apple Watch accessible from 14 May

The Apple Watch Series will be on sale in the USA and Belgium from May 14The fresh Apple Watch can be ordered on May 17 as pre-order through the Online Apple Store. You can also buy the steel Apple Watch in lovely golden color from Series 4.

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