4 Surprising Ways Apple Event 2018 are More Refreshing than New Socks

The new iPhones, of course, played a major role at this week’s Steve Jobs Theater, but it also introduced another exciting new item. These are the Apple Event 2018’s four significant revelations!

1. The latest flagship iPhone Xs:

Apple provided its new showpiece during the Apple keynote: iPhone XXs. It’s not a revolutionary fresh device, as the name indicates, but an s-update. These are instruments that are very comparable to the predecessors but under the head have considerably improved requirements.

Therefore the Xs are nearly unchanged when it comes to appearance. Again, the phone has an OLED display of 5.8 inches. Inside, there’s a new Apple A-series processor: the A12. It is much quicker than its predecessor and more energy-efficient. With no less than 512 GB of storage (a record), the iPhone is also available.

In addition, the iPhone X’s already excellent camera has been further enhanced. A fresh neural engine (which can accomplish up to five billion calculations per second) can accomplish more complicated duties. New, for instance, is that after portrait exposure you can adjust the depth of field. And the Xs can create stereo recordings of video and sound.

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2. iPhone Xs Max: Apple Event 2018’s biggest and most costly

Apple Event 2018

An iPhone with the largest screen ever was also provided by Apple Event 2018: the iPhone Xs Max. It has a gigantic 6.5!)-inch screen. It’s not the largest iPhone ever, however. The model is no larger than the iPhone 8 Plus because of its borderless architecture.

There are few differences between the iPhone Xs apart from the size (and cost). The iPhone Xs Max has a bigger battery because of the bigger size. The battery lasts 1.5 hours longer than the iPhone X battery, according to Apple.

The Xs Max breaks another record in relation to the size: it’s the most costly iPhone ever. The iPhone Xs Max’s starting cost is 1259 used and then you only get the 64 GB version. You pay € 1659 for the 512 GB version.

3. iPhone Xr: 2018’s most famous model?

Apple also announced a budget version in addition to two costly OLED models: the iPhone Xr. He looks like the iPhone Xs, but the distinction is enormous: the price. The starting price is € 859, which is € 300!) (less than the iPhone Xs starting price, which costs € 1159.

Apple Event 2018

It’s because he’s made of cheaper components that he’s so much cheaper. For instance, the screen is LED instead of OLED. He also does not have a Touch ID and on the back, there is no double camera. In addition, the aluminum XR frame (available in all kinds of cheerful colors). It’s actually bigger than the iPhone Xs (5.8-inch) with a 6.1-inch display.

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4. Series 4 of Apple Watch: larger and better

The 2018 Apple Event also revealed a fresh Apple Watch, which for the first moment was given a fresh look. The Series 4 is slightly bigger in size and the screen’s edges are narrower, making the screen 30% bigger than its predecessor’s. The crown has also been improved; haptic feedback is not available. In addition, the speaker is 50% louder and a fresh 64-bit computer is available to the Watch. It’s twice as quick as the earlier Watch’s S3. In addition, the heart rate sensor has been considerably improved; for instance, an electrocardiogram (also called an ECG) can be produced.

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