16 Things Your Boss Expects You Know About CleanMyMac X

For years, CleanMyMac has been the ultimate macOS application to keep your Mac in perfect condition. The brand new CleanMyMac X version was published today by Developer MacPaw. The most significant addition is that the existence of malware can now also check your Mac. Furthermore, the macOS 10.14 Mojave app is optimized and is fitted with a new fresh interface.

You can clean macOS thoroughly with CleanMyMac X, remove all your digital litter and unused files. This will allow additional storage space for your Mac to perform optimally and free up.

Delete system files that are not needed

CleanMyMac X ensures that deleted programs delete components of macOS such as cache, log files, and backed-up files.

There are often distinct language files (translations) for macOS apps that are not used. So you’re likely never going to use a Chinese or Spanish language request. You can save a lot of storage room by removing unnecessary language files. Before files are deleted, the application will always ask for authorization. You can specify which languages should be maintained through the app’s preferences. The default language is English and USA.

Completely remove CleanMyMac X applications

It seems very easy at first to remove an application under macOS. You drag the request to the garbage or use the Launchpad option key.

If you do this, however, there are still a big amount of files. An app uses non-visible list, cache files, and (launch) services in most cases as well. These files which are not noticeable at first sight are also deleted with CleanMyMac X. Whether the application is installed through the Mac App Store, an installer, or DMG does not matter.

CleanMyMac X

Renewed Panel

In CleanMyMac X, a dashboard can be placed in the macOS menu bar. Click the icon in the menu bar to view the status of your hard drive, memory, battery, network, and CPU immediately. For instance, this way, extra RAM memory can be released with one click. You can also link DropBox to view your account’s free space. Moreover, a velocity test can also be performed by the dashboard, which is helpful if your network experiences issues.

Scan for Malware

CleanMyMac X’s most significant addition is the capacity to scan your Mac for malware files. In the column, the malware feature can be activated and the scan button can be executed with one click. You can then readily delete found vulnerabilities and infected files so that your Mac is malware-free again.

The application will automatically update the database containing the vulnerabilities and malware signatures. This implies that you always have installed the recent safety on your Mac. Fortunately, malware for macOS is still restricted and well controlled by macOS, but, of course, the best choice is to prevent infection.

CleanMyMac X

New features that are lower

In addition to the large new characteristics, CleanMyMac X is also fitted with a number of fresh, lower useful additions below we list a few.

• Applications update
You can see for which applications an update is accessible with the fresh ‘ updater ‘ feature. It also shows applications that were not downloaded from the Mac App Store, but for examination straight from a developer.

• Chipper

The option can securely delete files. This implies multiple overwriting of documents to delete. Because of this, it is impossible to recover.

Since the start of last year, Stapp has been accessible to macOS customers and now has 15,000 + customers. Stapp is an alternative to the Mac App Store, you get more than 100 + apps to use for a fixed amount at a fixed fee of $9.99 per month.

• Speed optimization
This option provides you understanding when you begin your Mac into which apps or procedures are began. Using an easy switch, you can turn it off.

• Privacy
For extra privacy, the history of your web browsers can be deleted. The feature also allows the deletion of chat messages from apps like Skype and Messages.


CleanMyMac X


Several apps can clean up your Mac on the market. Within this section, CleanMyMac X is merely the best, most complete and most reliable. The application can last for years thanks to the fresh choices and the refreshing fresh interface.

CleanMyMac X will never remove system files that could crash macOS 6 years ago. However, it is advisable to read closely before performing an intervention and see what the request will remove.

Upon completion of a full scan and deletion of the discovered documents, restarting your Mac is advisable. After restarting, you’ll notice that your Mac isn’t getting faster but slightly slower (momentarily). The reason is that Marcos re-creates all types of vacant cache files. When this method is complete you will notice that everything goes smoothly and that there has been an increase in free space on your hard disk.

Your Mac continues to operate optimally by performing a scan frequently with CleanMyMac X, you have enough disk room and your Mac is free of malware. Therefore, the request is a must for each Mac proprietor.

Buy CleanMyMac X

CleanMyMac X costs $ 40(one-year subscription) or $ 90 once, different licenses can be purchased at a lower price.

First, if you want to test the app first, you can attempt the application for free. CleanMyMac X is also available in the Stapp application spectrum. Stapp offers access to 100 + apps for a specified monthly sum in addition to CleanMyMac X.

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