Colorful and cheaper iPhone Xr on May 27

When Apple said it already when the iPhone X was announced: Hello future. The tech giant will definitely say goodbye to the design of the iPhone 8 this year, and all fresh iPhones will look like an iPhone X. Apple introduces a “cheaper” iPhone to the market as well as the iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max.

The iPhone Xr is the premium Xs ‘ colorful brother and has a 6.1-inch LCD screen, aluminum housing, glass back and face ID. Because current hardware and materials are used, the XR is cheaper than the Xs and therefore the three’s budget device.

Well-known and colorful design

The iPhone X has an almost borderless design reminiscent of the iPhone X, but it includes a 6.1-inch TrueTone Liquid Retina LCD and no 3D touch, instead it only utilizes haptic feedback. The housing is produced of aluminum with a back glass so the unit can be used for wireless charging as well. The most striking new features are the various colors, so iPhone Xr is not only available for sale in traditional white and black, but also in red, blue, yellow and coral pink colors.

iPhone Xr

No double camera, but facial identification

The Xr has no dual camera like the iPhone Xs on the back, but a single 12MP camera comparable to the iPhone Xs camera. This enables you to take lovely 4 K quality pictures and videos. You can also create portrait pictures with the camera on the back, which is governed by software, quite unexpectedly.

The iPhone budget includes a Face ID and Animoji TrueDepth camera. It’s also the same TrueDepth camera as the iPhone Xs that makes it quicker than the present iPhone X camera.

iPhone Xr

Dual standby sim

There have already been signs in the iOS 12 betas, but now it’s certain. Like the Xs, the iPhone Xr also gets dual-sim assistance. This enables you to insert one physical SIM card into the iPhone and add another number through the virtual Apple I am. Practical if you have a company and a private number. Dual-sim is temporarily accessible from iOS 12.1, followed by more suppliers. No support for NL or BE at the moment.

Super quickly with improved battery life

The iPhone Xr comes with a Neural motor A12 Bionic processor and is 50% quicker than the A11 processor. The Xr is slightly bigger than the iPhone X and thus has a bigger battery. This implies the battery life is longer than the iPhone 8 Plus for one and a half hours.

iPhone Xr launched on May 27

The iPhone Xr will be on sale in the USA and Uk on May 27. You can pre-order the fresh iPhone through the Online Apple Store on October 19. The iPhone Xr comes white, black, red, blue, yellow and coral in six colors. You can select between 64, 128 and 256 GB for storage.

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