8 Ways iPhone and iPad for iOS 12 Could Help the Cubs Win the World Serie

IOS 12 is nearly here! Read here how to prepare for iOS 12 if you can’t wait for this update! This way you can be sure that as quickly as the update is accessible you are prepared for it.

Prepare in 8 steps for iOS 12

Every year, Apple releases a freshiOS update in May. This year, iOS 12 is scheduled to take place around 7:00 PM on Monday, September 17. It is essential that you prepare well in advance if you want to download iOS 12 as quickly as it is accessible. In this guide, we clarify how we do that. And when can you expect to update better? You can read everything about preparing for iOS 12 in this manual.

Step 1: Check the eligibility of your iDevice

Finding out if you can update it at all isn’t complex. You can update it to iOS 12 if you have an iPhone or iPad with iOS 11. You can discover the models appropriate for iOS 12 for the overview below.

Step 2: Update to iOS 11.4.1

iOS 12

If you haven’t updated your iPhone or iPad to the latest iOS version yet, it’s time to do that now. Your iPhone or iPad is probable to have already automatically downloaded the installation file, but it is not yet installed. In that case, iOS 11.4.1 keeps the space occupied so you can use it to download iOS 12 better. Several bugs have been fixed in iOS 11.4.1, so installing this update does not cause any damage. If you’re still on iOS 10, now is the time, if possible, to update to iOS 11.

Step 3: Create a backup

This is a very important third step, so don’t skip this. If during the setup something goes incorrect and you lose your information, you will always have this backup with all your information. There are several methods you can create an iPhone backup: the simplest way is through iCloud. But also an iTunes backup enables you to restore information if for whatever reason you lose it. To create both iCloud backup and iTunes backup, we recommend such big updates so you can be sure nothing can go wrong. We’re explaining everything about creating a backup in our iPhone backup article.

iOS 12

Step 4: Free room for storage

You need enough free space on your iPhone or iPad to install iOS 12. For the big update, we recommend that you keep at least 2 GB of room. iOS 12 takes up a bit more space than previous versions: from 8 GB to 11 GB to about 10 GB to 12 GB software. This is dependent on the model. So you have aniOS storage of 1GB-2 GB more. This involves the pre-installed normal applications that take up approx. 4 GB, included already. However, after installation, you can remove these. Read everything about this in our article on the removal of conventional applications.

There are 35 normal applications like Mail, Podcasts and Reminders) and 12 more applications like Clips, Pages and Garageband.

You can download these as needed from the App Store, but you don’t have to, of course. By removing Garageband, iMovie, and other large applications, you can save up to 3 GB of room.

Cleaning up your iPhone or iPad is a wonderful time: do you really need the game you never play? What applications have you been using in months? Some applications also store big quantities of information, so take a look at your environments (Settings > General > iPhone / iPad storage) and see how much room you have left and which applications take up the most room.

You can delete applications from your iPhone automatically. Only the app file itself will be deleted while retaining the information. After the iOS update, you can download the app again without losing any information. Check our tips to free up the storage room for the iPhone.

iOS 12

Step 5: Already update your applications

To continue working flawlessly, some applications need to be updated for iOS 12. So visit the App Store and install all accessible app updates before updating to iOS 12. Not only do you make sure your favorite applications function well, but you can also use the latest features with updated applications instantly. In the coming weeks, more and more releases are coming, so keep an eye on the App Store for the recent updates to iOS 12.

Step 6: Keep in touch with your access code, Apple ID information and familiar devices

You need at least your access code for installing an iOS update. This is the code that you need to enter when your phone is unlocked. If you always use Touch ID or Face ID, your access code may simply not be remembered. Please read our post to find out if you have forgotten your access code.

iOS 12

Step 7: IOS 12 install

Take the following measures to install this over-the-air as quickly as iOS 12 becomes accessible. We don’t suggest doing this right away because on Apple’s servers it’s often very busy. Who’s clever to wait until the next morning because it’s going much quicker then?

  1. The following is the installation of iOS 12:
  2. Go to Settings > General > Update of the software.
  3. Now you’re going to see the email update is accessible.
  4. Tap the connection to the setup and acknowledge the terms.
  5. For fifteen minutes, do something else, such as reading our iOS 12 tips.
  6. Hurray: your phone has iOS 12 installed.
  7. Follow the measures to finish the setup on your iPhone or iPad.
  8. You don’t see an update? Use the update technique below via iTunes, please attempt again later.
iOS 12

Install iOS 12 through iTunes

  1. Connect your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad to your desktop via a USB cable and begin iTunes on your Mac or Windows PC.
  2. In the overview at the top left of your library, press your iOS device.
    Press the update search.
  3. The following steps will be clarified in iTunes.
  4. Wait for downloading and installing the setup file on your computer.
  5. Follow the measures to finish the setup on your iPhone or iPad.

Recover through iTunes

You can also download the iOS 12 update file from this website if you don’t see an update. Following the steps below, you restore your iPhone or iPad.

  1. Use the USB cable to connect the iPhone or iPad to the desktop and begin iTunes on a laptop or Mac.
  2. Press the relevant iOS device at the top of your library in the overview.
  3. Reset the press.
  4. When the device is restored, the parts you want to re-synchronize with the device can be specified from iTunes. Apps, music, pictures, videos and more can be selected manually.

Step 8: Discover all the fresh iOS 12 features

Installing iOS 12 may take some time, so by reading the latest characteristics that iOS 12 offers, you can best use your time. For instance, iOS 12 has Screen Time, so you can set a threshold and regulate how much time you spend on applications. You can also use iMessage to edit pictures with filters and there is a new Bedtime mode in iOS 12 that keeps you from seeing a flood of notifications instantly when taking your iPhone out of the bedside table in the morning. Also, check out 12’s unknown characteristics for smaller findings.

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