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Apple provides a series of free workshops at the Apple Stores with Today at Apple, with meetings on subjects of all types. New are picture walks and sketch walks, children’s sessions and handicapped individuals.

Today at Apple is a fresh program featuring workshops and other activities that you can participate in globally in more than 500 Apple stores. Apple’s respective Today website shows which sessions to participate in the Netherlands, Belgium and other nations-free of charge!

Today at Apple: What’s that?

At Apple today is a series of fresh workshops on all sorts of topics, although Apple is no longer speaking about workshops about’ sessions.’ Photography, video, programming, art, and design can be selected. Children, parents, educators, and businesses also have programs. The sessions are given by the staff of the Apple Store and well-known artists, photographers and musicians are invited to a lecture, workshop or performance in some towns as well. The level of workshops varies from beginners to experts. Earlier, Apple announced Today at Apple, but it really began in May 2019.

At the Apple Stores in New York, San Francisco, London, and Paris, Apple celebrated the start with live performances by artists. Since then, you can register at all over 500 Apple Stores for free meetings through the website.

For instance, you can take a regular picture walk with the VSCO app at Apple Amsterdam and there’s a session at Apple Haarlem to tell a tale with pictures, while at Today at Apple Den Haag you’ll learn to play with light and shadow and explore architectural compositions. A picture walk with VSCO can also be taken by Belgian Apple supporters. Please choose from meetings in Brussels in Flemish or French.

Today at Apple

Renovated Apple stores for Today at Apple

Many shops have been adapted, especially for Today at Apple meetings. For instance, each shop has a mobile screen that is used to allow members to participate in the workshops. These screens are intended by the development team of Apple and are called displays of the Forum. There was no need for refurbishment in Brussels as the fresh design was already used there. There is already a gigantic screen in this Apple store. Employees are willing to offer photography and video, music, art, and design explanations.

What’s fresh about it?

At the Apple Store, Apple has always held workshops and other meetings. At first glance, at Apple today appears more of the same, but it is still a totally fresh program with 60 fresh meetings, with a greater focus on local experiences and learning together. So you can take a picture walk through your own town to take pictures. With a Sketch Walk, you learn with an artist’s eyes to look at the familiar environment while making drawings. For businesses, there are Photo Labs, for instance, and accessibility sessions are available for individuals with a disability. Apple promises inspiration for the meetings and more practical than before. You’re learning something fresh in each session or you can try something fresh.

Today at Apple

Of course, kids and educators still have meetings, but they are more frequent and diverse, covering more topics (see below). These are the subjects to choose from

The subjects of today’s Apple meetings are:

  • photo and video.
  • Music.
  • Programming of the computer.
  • Art and creativity.
  • Kids and parents.
  • Teachers.
  • Businesses.
  • Products.

Today at Apple for childrens

Apple also organizes workshops for kids aged 6 to 12. Children’s hour is there throughout the year. You can come to know something fresh every week.

Apple is organizing the Teacher Tuesdays for educators. There you can get in contact with other educators and learn how to use Apple products at college, for instance by learning on the iPad, and get thoughts for learning. There are various subjects in the classroom, such as the use of Keynote. New sessions examples

Below are instances of the following:

  • Photo Walks: go out and take lovely pictures with a worker or photographer. You will receive guidance on how to best picture certain topics and what accessories to use.
  • Sketch Walks: go on a stroll and draw with Apple Pencil on an iPad Pro. You learn the most significant drawing methods and find out how to work on a drawing together.

Today at Apple

  • Basics: familiar beginner sessions where you learn how to use your iPhone, iPad or Mac.
  • How to Specify deeper sessions around a particular subject, such as editing music or shooting art photographs.
  • Accessibility Basics: sessions where you learn to use Mac, iPad, iPhone, and Apple Watch accessibility characteristics.
  • Business: sessions for entrepreneurs where you learn to make better use of fresh instruments and applications.
  • Pro Series: sophisticated sessions to learn about Logic Pro and Final Cut Pro. You can select on particular subjects from a 90-minute introduction or a 60-minute session.

Most sessions are held in all Apple stores, including weekly Photo Walks and Sketch Walks, Teacher Tuesdays, and children’s and business meetings. You can go to the larger Apple Stores for the Pro Series and only live in San Francisco, New York, London, and Dubai will be the Photo Labs, Music Labs, Live Art, Perspectives, and Performances. You have to be in the bigger towns for the meetings with renowned painters and musicians.

Today at Apple playlists

Would you like to appreciate the music performed globally in the 500 Apple Stores? Then search for ‘ Today at Apple ‘ for Apple Music. Then you’ll discover a weekly updated playlist with all the songs that the Apple Stores can hear every day.

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