WatchOS 5.1 beta for Apple Seeds First Beta for Developers

With the watchOS 5.1 beta, developers with an Apple Watch can now start. We hope to discover some sporting fresh characteristics in the watchOS 5.1 bets that can be tested

Because the recent beta is prepared, people who want to test watchOS 5.1 beta can start. For developers, Apple has just published the beta 1 watchOS 5.1. This is the next update after the appearance of watchOS 5. We are expecting a number of fresh characteristics, such as support for ECGs, which will only be accessible to individuals with an Apple Watch Series 4 later this fall. We also hope the issue of missing performance badges has been solved by Apple. During the installation of watchOS 5, many individuals discovered that they had deserved some special badges with difficulties, suddenly vanished. In addition, the majority of bug fixes and lower features that Apple wished to add will be available.

Most recent watchOS 5.1 beta

April 14, 2019 — watches 5.1 Beta 1 was published by Apple. This is the very first beta whose fresh features are not yet recognized. Have you found something on your own, kindly let us know in your remarks!

WatchOS 5.1 Innovations or modifications

  • As quickly as they are known, the following are the new functions.

watchOS 5.1 beta

When is OS 5.1 Public Beta watching?

There are no government betas from watchOS. So to try these betas, you’ll have to be a developer. Or wait for the final version to be accessible.

WatchOS Download Beta 5.1

You can download the necessary beta profile through the developer page if you are a developer and then add the beta. The beta download of Apple Watch Series 1 and newer is accessible for watchOS 5.1. If watchOS 4betas has been previously installed, it may be essential to remove the beta profile first before you can proceed with this fresh beta.

Please note: these betas are for developers only and are not appropriate for daily use on devices you need.

Developer timeline watchOS 5 beta

Below is a schedule for developers of watchOS 5-beta:

  • WatchOS 5.1 Beta 1: 18 September 2019
  • A final version of watchOS 5.1: anticipated at the end of October 2019

Regarding OS 5.1

OS 5.1, the first update for watchOS 5 this autumn. In this version, Apple launched fresh dials, while many features in the sports sector were also enhanced. You can read more about the latest characteristics lately implemented in our watchOS 5 overview.

Availability of OS 5.1

At the end of October, Apple is likely to publish watchOS 5.1 along with other beta updates. You need an Apple Watch Series 1 or newer to install watchOS 5.1. Probably iOS 12.1 appears at the same time, as both rely on each other.

About beta tests

You may often run into issues when testing betas. First of all, not all features are normally accessible instantly, but during the exam period, they are added and extended. You may also suffer from stalking or some applications are not yet able to function correctly. If you decide to check a watchOS update, keep this in mind. Therefore, installing a beta on a computer you use every day is not suggested because there are still a lot of beta issues.

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