Why iOS is Better Than Android? | Top reasons iPhone beats Android 2021

Why iOS is Better Than Android? | Top reasons the iPhone beats Android 2021

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Why iOS is Better Than Android

Why iOS is Better Than Android? | Top reasons the iPhone beats Android 2021

Today I’m going to share why iOS is Better Than Android.  A decade ago The iOS vs Android debate has been ongoing. So we are going to talk about why iOS is better than Android. Here I believe both platforms have their own strengths and weaknesses. And the decision regarding which one is best for you is your decision to make. Everyone’s smartphone needs are different. Therefore, no one can say that one platform is objectively better than the others, but I think it’s fair to point out the specific strengths that iOS has over Android. I think it’s the number one reason people choose iOS over Android, which is the user experience.

iPhone vs Android

Apple is great at making tech products for non-tech people, and iOS does a fantastic job at keeping things simple enough that everyday people that plagues many Android devices. In that case, Android fans saying how stupid all us iPhone users must be if we can not figure out how Android works, but you really need to understand that is not a matter of being stupid or smart. It’s come down to the fact that people enjoy using convenient products. And if you can figure out how iOS works quicker than Android, you can bet that products as more convenient and less frustrating.

iPhone Data security vs Android

Again, an iPhone is known for its data security, whereas Android is user-friendly and has more functions. An iPhone comes in the category of premium phones whereas you can get more functions at less price in Android. iPhone is not just a status symbol but is rather known as a performance beast. The biggest criteria to judge a phone’s performance is how well its software, an operating system, is well coordinated with its hardware like RAM, processor, or sensors. An iPhone is a clear winner here.

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Android operating system performance

Android is an operating system made by Google and Google sells it to different companies which manufacture Android phones. Now what Google gives to them; its a very basic operating system which is called stock android or vanilla version, because there is no skin or customization on that whenever Google updates. It is according to this basic system. However, the companies which buy this system from Google lunch it with their own customized skin or user interface like the operating system of Oppo or Realme is called color OS. Some companies use Google’s Android One in some models which is very close to stock android.

But even in that, every company does some customization. Every company makes some changes in their user interface like pre-installed their company-related application in that or changing options in setting menu according to their preferences on the position of the varies in different interfaces. Now Google provides software updates from time to time for security and new features. In fact, sometimes two different models of the same company don’t receive updates at the same time. But Apple does not sell its operating system to any other company, therefore every iPhone be it any model or anywhere in the world updates at the same time and for that, no one has to wait any longer than others.

software and hardware configuration

Now talk about the integration of software and hardware. As we told earlier, Android OS is customized according to different companies and an operating system that is already changed from its original form when connected to the system. It is actually integrated with a completely different OS called Windows. So the two completely different operating systems with different principles, different interfaces, and different configurations try to integrate.

Best Android Phone in Bangladesh

Best Android Phone in Bangladesh

iPhone, iPad, MacBook, or Apple watch, all have got same operating system and that is why they integrate so well that android and windows can never do. Talking of performance iPhone performs much better than Android. Where an Android requires RAM from 8GB up to 12GB and a battery up to 6000 mAh; An iOS chipset does much better in just 3GB of RAM and battery up to 2000 to 3000 mAh. You will rarely see an iPhone heated or getting stuck. I am not saying it never happens but chances are rare compared to an Android device.

Privacy iOS and Android

iPhone is known for its unbeatable data security due to a single operating system even if an iPhone is lost, it is impossible to leak data without a password. They never jailbreak user’s data under any circumstances. As the operating system is updated in Android the interface is changed as well. People usually struggle to use a using new version of android when switched from their old phone.

First of all with the update of Android OS the interface is changed on a basic level. If they switch from one company’s phone to another’s their user interface differs as well. That’s why people hesitate to upgrade their phone especially aged people who find these new features difficult to understand. But iPhone despite upgrading its system never changed its interface. So you will find the same interface in any iPhone model. That is why people are misguided.

iOS and Android interface

Truth is that Android does not have as many sensors and applications as an iPhone. That is why iPhone’s interface is easiest to use and has better performance than Android. In the Android play store, you may find a lot of adware and malware that harm the system and threaten data security. But you would not see any such application in Apple’s AppStore. The reason is the strict policy of AppStore and their criteria to check the application, making your data safe. iPhone focuses on its camera sensors, where Android is providing 5-6 cameras up to 108MP in a single phone. Apple has come up with only a 12MP camera till now. However that 12 MP is better than 48 MP,64MP, or 108MP of Android and takes pictures like a professional camera because of its sensor. Apple never compromises with the quality of its phone.

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Now we come to the point which is most considerable while buying a phone, which is its price. iPhone is known to be a rich people’s phone because the cheapest model of it costs a lot more than an Android phone, the cheapest model costs a lot more than an Android phone.

In the end, we can say Apple pays you the best value of an old iPhone. By doing so Apple maintains its phone value among its users. That is why people rather buy an iPhone from Apple’s official website rather than third-party websites. Ultimately it depends upon the user which is a better operating system for him.

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Why iOS is Better Than Android

Why iOS is Better Than Android 2021

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