Why is the iPhone so popular? iPhone Trending price 2021

Why is the iPhone so popular?

by Tech Doctors
Why is the iPhone so popular

Why is the iPhone so popular?

Today I’m gonna share Why is the iPhone so popular? The iPhone is a phone made by Apple Inc. And the one whose name is associated with this iPhone is Steve Jobs. From him came this groundbreaking plan of the mobile phone.

In its research and development, Apple always uses more money. Apple has been added the first to unlock Face with Artificial Intelligence. However, after the system became common in later times, many people have integrated it into less expensive devices. But Apple users get the opportunity to use the latest features first. In our conventional society, most people see the use of expensive goods as an ingredient as an indicator of social status. Because no one can use an expensive device. And we always like to imagine a dividing line between ordinary people and people who use expensive devices. From this point of view, ordinary people look at Apple users with respect.

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When the Apple 8 (iPhone version) hit the market in 2016, it was priced at 749. Apple’s other product “Mac Mini” came into the market a few days ago, but the price has increased by 60%. Surprisingly, despite the high price of the iPhone, people’s interest, has not decreased to buy it.

iPhone 12 pro max configuration

iPhone 12 pro max configuration

But why is the iPhone popular let’ know more

6. Brand Value: Apple has its own brand. Suppose you eat a chicken fry, now there is nothing in the chicken fry that will make a price difference.

5.Mystery: There is a magical thing in the iPhone, a kind of mystery is created around the iPhone. In many cases, they even surprise. The discussion has already started about the design and facilities of the new model of the iPhone.

4. Feature: Here Apple is the first to bring a feature. In that case, it costs him enough to create new features and add them to the new product. And to the new version of the iPhone, Apple has added more advanced technology. These changes increase production costs. For example, when it was first released in the market, the storage capacity of the iPhone X was 64 GB. The 1,149 iPhone X had a storage capacity of 256 Gigabytes. A new ‘MagSafe’ feature with the iPhone 12 series has also brought by Apple. As a result, the customer can easily place the device on the wireless charging pad.

3. Aesthetic design: A lot depends on the price of Apple’s design. Many mobiles in the market, which have turned to Apple’s design.

2. Customer Confidence: See Apple’s price is so high that everyone is ready to buy. Because Apple has created confidence in their minds, which no one else has been able to do like Apple.

1. High-quality hardware: Apple is very careful about the quality of its products and their performance. This is why they try to make their products perform as well as possible and satisfy them. For example, Apple’s 1099 phone costs 490. If we make a little difference, with Samsung, the 999 phone costs 420 in the material.

The iPhone 12 is going to be Apple’s first handset to work on the Five G network.

The big changes that are coming to the new iPhone that is raising the price of the iPhone –

Phone without charger

No charger or headphones are being provided with this first iPhone. The LED display is protected with a new type of material that will not break easily.

Ceramic shield

According to Apple, the iPhone 12 has the same 6.1-inch (15.5 cm) screen as the previous models but is now using OLED technology instead of LCD for brightly colored sets. Because of this, it has become possible for them to make the new iPhone 11% thinner than before.

They also said that the screen of the new set had a higher resolution, and ‘Ceramic Shield’ has been used to ensure the safety of the display, which will give them a ‘four times more’ advantage than before.

5G Technology

Samsung launched the Galaxy S 10 in 2019, which operates on the Five G network, followed by Huawei, One Plus, and Google.
Thomas Hassan of the research firm Forester said that Apple didn’t bring new technologies to market. They wait for a technology to mature and work on the development of that technology for the convenience of users.

Smart speakers

Apple has also released a new version of its smart speaker ‘Home pod Mini’. It also has a home intercom system. Apple’s first home pod was released in 2016, but so far it lags far behind Amazon and Google’s speakers.

Now tell me, is Apple charging more prices for their phones? Or set the right price for their phone?

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Why is the iPhone so popular 2021

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Why is the iPhone popular?

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